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Property Consultancy

Vision Property Consultancy provide free advisory service including everything from what to buy, where to buy, tax, legal and less serious matters such as restaurant recommendations, best flights and more. Our excellent reputation has been earned by achieving customer satisfaction and this is judged throughout the process from selection, the conveyance, after care and the ultimate performance of the property investment.

In all our offices our staff and consultants are highly experienced and we will hold the buyers hand and guide them safely throughout the selection and buying process. Our price, style and location range is substantial and once we understand the clients desires and purpose for purchase, we are able to start to identify the right country, location and property that will suit.

We organize efficient inspection trips and educational group tours in Mediterranean countries. The group tours are heavily subsidized by us to allow our clients to relax at low cost whilst we give considerable education in the countries of their choice.

We also have a strong after sale team to assist in all matters to help clients settle in their new home. Matters such as opening a bank account to registering utilities in their name and assisting with furnishings and management.

We have many satisfied customers with whom new clients can take references. They will confirm that we are a consultancy style organisation that acts totally on behalf of the buyer and at no point do we pressure to buy. On the contrary, we often advise customers to go home before making a decision and perhaps come again for a second look.

Our motto is "Take your time, take our time" as we are proud of the professional, unbiased service that we provide.

Safe Property Selection

Our portfolio offers a very wide choice including, sea and mountainside, in and out of town, studios, apartments and penthouses.

We have a substantial portfolio of thoroughly researched and approved property in all the most desirable locations of Spain and North Cyprus. You may choose from classic, contemporary or modern, sea or mountainside, in or out of town, studios, 1,2,3 bedroom apartments, penthouses, town houses and villas.

We offer a relaxed service to customers who should take their time before choosing and committing to a property purchase. We share our extensive knowledge of the Mediterranean local markets and we provide our Gold Star Selection and assist buyers to create a short list of potential property in order that a final decision is easily made.

The Buying Process and Legal Advice

We guide our customers through the buying process with everything from solicitor choice to title registration and all other important steps during the pre purchase period. Once our clients have thoroughly researched the market place with they become ready to make a decision what to buy.

The next step is to take advice from a lawyer for all matters from conveyancing to making a will. We do not favor any particular law firm however we do have a list of those we have used previously and have been impressed by their services.

After terms are agreed on price, we make sure to secure a written list of any extras and the specification. We always try to agree maximum discount and we ensure that the contract and specification thoroughly cover the full terms and any extras agreed with a vendor.

We also have very attractive and affordable finance options for property purchases including easy mortgages, phased and delayed payments, interest free credit and rental guarantees.

A property is usually agreed by way of a payment of a non-returnable reservation deposit in the order £2,000. The clients lawyer in will then check the deeds and make all searches on their behalf.

The appointed lawyer will also make an application to the Council of Ministers for the purchase permit and they process this whilst the client is out of the country. In the case of new build, once the property is completed, our clients obtain full possession even if the purchase permit application is in process.

Once the appointed lawyer has prepared and is satisfied with the contract and it is signed by both parties, there is usually a 14 day period for clients to pay the first more substantial payment. This is normally around 25- 30% of the purchase price, unless it is a re-sale or existing property.

The contract of sale will stipulate the payment plan for and will establish a completion date. Once the contract is signed it is registered at the Land Registry office as a record of the buyers legal interest in the property. At this time stamp duty is paid.

On the day of completion the appointed lawyer will request the balance of funds together with payment of Title Transfer Tax. Thereafter you are the full owner of your purchased unit.

All our offices have worked with leading Law offices for over a decade. All the solicitors that we and our customers work with are both European and locally qualified and are trustworthy and reliable.

Purchase Costs and Buying Process

When deciding to buy a property in The Mediterranean, clients must be aware of all costs and timescales.

Spain, North Cyprus and Turkey all have slightly different terms and processes and we provide full and current information at the time of purchase.

North Cyprus

  • Stamp Duty for the contract registration — 0.5% of the contract amount (as described above);
  • VAT at 5 % of the contract price is payable to the vendor when upon occupation (key hand over). This tax is only payable on new properties as re-sale properties normally include this tax in their selling price.
  • Title Transfer Tax – 3% of the contract price (as described above) payable at Title transfer to the name of the purchaser (within approximately 6 to 18 months after filing application for the permission). This delay is due to the time taken for the purchase application to be processed. At the same clients can have full possession of property for their enjoyment or for renting out.
  • Once permission to purchase is granted application is granted then the title can be transferred and at this time the transfer tax must be paid.
  • Lawyers fees – These vary depending on lawyer selection however 2018 fees are on average £1500 to include ALL of the necessary legal work from Power of Attorney to Title Transfer application.
  • Payment terms. In North Cyprus fantastic terms can be agreed dependent on which developer is selected. It is impossible to list all the permutations however they range from, mortgages, discounts, interest free and delayed payment period and staged payments. In some cases we can also negotiate extras and rental guarantees.


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Building and Structural Advice

We have expert building knowledge and in the event of an off plan purchase, we follow the building process and ensure that the finish is as agreed and that quality is controlled.


We offer full advice in relation to management matters particularly for our overseas customers to ensure they have as smooth ownership as possible with minimal maintenance or management worries.

The level of the service we can provide depends on our clients desires. Some of our clients choose to rent their homes to third party's and others merely want us to open doors and windows and flush toilets whilst they are away.

Transfers/Car Rentals

All such matters are dealt with by our local management departments to assist all your logistical requirements.


We offer advice on safe banking matters.

Practical Tips on Living

Our Local Home Teams all live in their preferred country and therefore are always on hand to assist with general advice and settling matters.


Moving country is a huge commitment and once that decision is made the task of moving can be a smooth operation when working with our Local Home Teams. We assist our customers with everything from advice as to best Logistical solutions to import regulations and other such matters.


We provide advice for choosing the best insurance company for health, contents, building, vehicle and other such matters. For any related advice please feel free to discuss with Local Home Teams or contact us at the link below.

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