Inspection Trips in Spain

Spain does not require much introduction to foreign buyers as many would have visited the country for their holidays and thus have already made their minds to choose Spain as their second home.

We recommend that before booking an inspection trip in Spain, you have an idea of a region where you wish to buy, what type of property you may be interested in or set an approximate budget for your purchase. Going through the pages of Spain Properties may assist you in shortlisting all the attractive properties for your inspection tour.

If you need any kind of advice or recommendation, please feel free to contact Vision Group Spain at [email protected].

Once you make your selection of the properties and projects you wish to visit and view, we recommend that you would book your flights and accommodation close to where the properties are. Please let us know if you require any advice while planning your visit. Vision Group Spain will meet you on the day that suits you and accompany you on all of the viewings, giving you extra local knowledge along the way and showing you local areas and facilities.

Once we walk into the place that is the one for you, Vision Group Spain will help you with all of the negotiations and conditions of your purchase, we will help you find a reputable local lawyer and any other services or trades you may need to complete your purchase.

During the buying process Vision Group Spain will assist with every step of the way to make sure that everything is completed to your full satisfaction. We will remain in touch afterwards to ensure that your inquiries are handled with care and due diligence. Vision Group Spain have all the local knowledge and the necessary contacts to ensure that nothing is left to chance.