Property Buying Process

What do I have to consider before I buy a property in the Mediterranean?

If you are not familiar with the local market, we recommend that you work with an established advisory agency. Ensure that the agency is completely independent and is able to show many years of service to the industry and can provide several positive customer testimonies.

Thoroughly research the market place and consider a wide choice of options and locations. Visitors, particularly those who do not seek advice, can often make a decision too quickly without undertaking sufficient research. This can lead to regret in the months or years to come.

Spend sufficient time with your advisor analysing and comparing various options. It is important that you compare for example, true floor areas of projects under construction. Off plan projects always need deeper analysis. There are also many attractive finance terms and these can differ quite substantially.

We highly recommend buyers to always employ the services of a reputable lawyer as it is essential that all matters are documented through the correct channels and follow the legal procedures laid down in the countries constitutional law. The legal process does not stop at just the purchase contract. There are after sale matters that may include, for example, the production of a last will and testament to applying for residency or title transfer. Always ensure that your advisory consultant is present at legal meetings and in all relevant correspondence. Vision Group recommend a selection of law firms who have an excellent track record and a large, satisfied customer base.

Deal terms can vary substantially dependent on the level of supply and demand and the current economic climate. Vision Group always represent the interests of the buyer and we always seek to achieve the optimum terms. These may include discount to the purchase price, free bonus or cost price extras and extended payment terms. All agreed terms must be confirmed and circulated to the parties. Vision Group hold your hand to agree the best terms with the vendor.