Where should I buy?

If you love shopping, dining, history, culture, charm and atmosphere, you will love exploring all the cities, towns and villages of Spain. Even a two weeks’ holiday is simply not enough time to see a fraction of what is on offer. We therefore give you a short list of the most popular locations with tourists, investors and second home purchasers. We advise extensive research if you do not already have a favourite area of Spain.

Vision Group will assist and advise you on studying and selecting the right location to meet your reason for purchase. Whether you simply want a home for your own use or an investment to achieve the maximum rental return, we explore with you the various options for your optimal satisfaction.

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The Two Costas: The Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is often the first choice when people think about buying a property in Spain. Often referred to as “The Costa del Golf” it sports an extensive range of Golf courses and has become known as the "Playground of the Rich" with so many affluent people purchasing property in the area.

Malaga is the capital city and is a vibrant, lively place full of history and a wonderful place to visit. Its cobbled streets and wonderful Flamenco atmosphere coupled with the army of electric scooters available for hire through various APPs make it a modern, yet historical place that definitely should be on your Must Visit list.

Marbella translates as beautiful sea, a village that became very popular during the 1970s and 1980s, a lively bustling sea side town with stunning beaches. A very popular Tourist destination.

Puerta Banús is the place to be seen! A beautiful marina full of some of the world's most expensive boats. The carparks around mirror this with some of the world's most expensive cars. Some people hire a Ferrari for the day just to go and park it there to be seen! Restaurants, Cocktail Bars and high end Boutique shops surround the marina to complete the experience.

Benahavis is an ancient mountain village that happened to have large expanses of land within its boundaries. 5 beautiful sprawling Golf Courses now occupy the area preserving the green countryside and providing the most spectacular views to local residents, not to mention the great investment opportunity for Golfing holidays. The village has become so rich as a result that Father Christmas now arrives by Helicopter each year to bring gifts to the local children!

Estepona sharing the same sun, sea and beaches as the towns along the Costa Blanca serves the slightly more economical part of the tourist and holiday home industries in the area.

The Two Costas: The Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca reached popularity later than the Costa del Sol and as such cashed in on the clients that could no longer afford the Costa del Sol. It is the true Mediterraneancoast along the east of Spain and enjoys a broadly similar climate to the south of Spain.

Valencia is Spain's third largest city. A stunning place with a beautiful centre, full of parks and wonderful cafes, bars and restaurants. The ancient Bull Ring on the centre hosts many concerts and other events. What was once a river has been turned into a huge and never ending park that creeps through the city. EL Barrio del Carmen provides an area that by day is full of shops and cafes, restaurants and by night becomes a playground of "Pubs" (bars with music and dancing) and Discotecas where trendy young Spaniards party well into the following morning!

Denia is a small and ancient city dating back to before the Roman times. Primarily a fishing port famous for the Denia Red Prawn, a local delicacy and located in the foothills of the mighty Montgo Mountain, the tallest mountain directly on the Mediterranean beach. Famous for food Denia is a local focus point with local chefs competing for Michelin stars and a yearly food festival along the Marineta beach.

Javea, the other side of the Montgo Mountain is another beautiful village that has been tastefully extended thanks to the arrival of second home buyers from abroad. It has a beautiful promenade along its Arenal beach lined with bars ad restaurants looking out over the golden sand and palm trees. A great place for a tasteful and relaxing holiday.

Benidorm - the crazy party capital of the Costa Blanca. A truly 24 hour party place that caters for all! One side there is a beautiful traditional Spanish area oozing with traditional Tapas bars and restaurants of all different types. The other side is the party side, beach bars, discos, tattoo parlours and happy hours all around. Many people hire mobility scooters to avoid having to stagger around unaided.


Alicante is the capital city, known as the City of the Light. Something special happens there, it feels like the sun shines differently there. The Castillo de Santa Barbara overlooks and keeps watch over the city, a trip up there revealing spectacular views all the way up and down the Costa Blanca. The sprawling streets at the foot of the castle give home to the very finest tapas bars and restaurants making it another Must Visit place.

Torrevieja is located in the flatlands south of Alicante. The famous Salt Lakes are inhabited by migrating Flamingos. Densely populated area thanks to the price of the land during the 1980s, it is basically completely built and neighbouring villages are now enjoying the property boom. The most economical properties of the area enjoy proximity to the same beautiful Mediterranean beaches and sunshine as everywhere in Spain.

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